A little DIY – IKEA shoe rack

When I posted about my Tiny Spring Clean it was embarrassingly clear to me that something had to be done.
Either buy a new shoe rack OR just paint the one I have.

I did it. I finally painted the shoe rack.
I bought this IKEA shoe rack probably around the same time I moved in to this flat. Which is close to six and a half years ago. 78 months ago or somewhere around there.
It was ages ago, let’s just leave it at that.

As the shoe rack is doing a perfectly good job I thought to give it a little face lift before I surrender and buy a new one.
So off to Panduro to buy some paint.
And painted it I did.


The paint I used is the P.Furniture Paint Creme from Panduro.
I’ve never used their furniture paint before and I have to say I like it. Perfect sized can and great to close and re-open the next day.

As there’s still some paint left over I might see what else I can paint….

A Tiny Spring Clean

So a couple of weeks ago I put together a little 10 Tips List.
And today I thought would be a good day for me to show a little (read tiny) bit of my home but also my spring cleaned hallway.
As is. Not super styled. Just as it is. Which means not styled at all.

I did tip number 6. Springin’ up the hallway. You gotta start somewhere.
As I do live in Sweden I don’t really feel comfortable to put out the summer shoes just yet.
But a little spring clean made my hallway look a little bit nicer.
And yes, I am going to paint the shoe rack. No need to get all worked up.

Before & After:



Happy Sunday lovlies!


Starting Fresh – A 10 Tips List

I don’t think I am different to anyone in this aspect.
I love spring. LOVE it.
It feels like a new start.

Living in Sweden it is very tangible how the light effects us. And lack there of.
So when the light slowly starts to return to this side of the planet it feels like you are finally waking up after a long and dark sleep.

Of course this gives us some kind of – “Out with the old In with the new” feeling.
But sometimes it might feel a bit…overwhelming.
Where should I start? Or maybe just – what can I do?

Look no more!
I have put together a list of small and not so small things you can change, remake, re-style in your home and in your life to get that
Here we go!

1. Clean out your food cupboard.
There’s probably some things in there that has just stayed in there forever. In the far back. You know what I mean.
Just get it all out. Throw away the old things too old to use. Re-organise and make room for new favourites.
Another thing is to get new boxes, jars and nice fresh storage for your favourite foods.
A classic is to have all your grains, rice and pasta in glass jars. Even thought it’s almost been over used it works.
It does make the cupboard look more open and fresh.

2. This is an easy one. Take out all your bed linens, re-fold them, re-organise them.
All of a sudden you have made it look a little nicer in your linen closet(who has that these days?). Or drawer, or shelf or pile of bed linens.

3. Change your curtains to a lighter fabric and colour. Or maybe just take the curtains away all together and really let the new spring light fill up your room, or flat, or house. Changing something so easy as the fabric that frames your windows can really change the way you experience your room or flat.

4. Put away most of your candle holders and tea light holders, that reminds us of those autumn and winter evenings. Make room for spring.

5. Go and get some fresh flowers. Let the wonderful scent of the beautiful flowers fill the air.
It’s also very pretty and can lift any space. You’re bringing spring into your home.

6. Take all the winter coats and clothes away for your hallway and closet. If you have an empty suitcase use that to pack your winter things away. Two birds one stone, or what the english expression would be.
In addition to this, put some nice and light spring and summer shoes out in the hallway. If you have your coats and jackets hanging so you see them take that thick knitted winter scarf away and replace it with a colourful spricg/summer scarf. It will give your hallway a little spring “face”-lift. Again, bring the spring into your home.

7. For the ones who like nailpolish. Give your nails a new colour.
Choose your favourite colour, whatever it might be, orangem yellow, green, grey blue. DOn’ care so much about trends, go with what you like and what reminds you of spring. And now you’ll have a little reminder of spring at your fingertips at all times. Love it!

8. A new haircut – Nothing says “fresh start” as much as a new haircut.
I’m not telling you to go cut your hair off completely. It can just be a trim. Getting that fringe back that you’ve thought about for a while or maybe just change to a different nuance of your hair colour.
Or even easier, get a new styling product that gives your hair that new and fresh feeling with a nice fragrance.
Even though it’s a super superficial thing it gives a feeling of something new and a change. The change that the weather is going through as well.

9. Organise your wardrobe. Out with all the old things. Not just winter clothes as mentioned above. Have a look through your entire wardrobe. Be harsh and strong. You know you haven’t used that t-shirt or sweater or trousers in a while, you know you won’t use it. Put all the things you haven’t used in one year in a big plastic bag and take it to your nearest charity shop. They love donations and other people love finding clothes for next to nothing.
This will give your wardrobe and yourself a great new and fresh start for this spring.

10. Do something you’ve never done before. I know, this sounds overwhelming but don’t worry. It doesn’t have to be big.
It can be just getting out of bed 5 minutes earlier to be able to really relax in the morning with a coffee or tea in that favourite mug. Of course it can be a big thing as well, like booking that trip you’ve always wanted to go on.
Either big or small or something in between it will give you almost like an injection of freshness and something new in your life.
A New Fresh Start.

Do you have more brilliant ideas for a clean and fresh start and to really take spring and bring it into your home and life?
Don’t be shy, share your ideas too! :)

Image from Pixabay

The Boring Blog Post

I warned you.
It’s your own fault if you clicked to read this.
Don’t be mad at me by the end of this post if you don’t feel satisfied or happy or sad or any other emotion than…fatigued.
Yes I had to google synonyms for bored.

So don’t leave a comment about how boring this post is. It clearly states in the headline of this post that it is in fact a Boring Blog Post.
If you, however would like to leave a comment could I please ask you to do so with a lot of love. Thanks
Or maybe you can just click the star. Thanks a lot Mr.Anonymous25.

Ok. I would be happy if anyone would star my post. Let me just be honest about that.
Even if it was Mr.Anonymous25.

I would be happy just to see the readers numbers go over two digits. But that’s just me.
A shout out to dad who always reads my posts. My most faithful reader. Or should I say my only faithful reader.

Dad, to let you know I will try to start to write again. I don’t know how often or what to write about. But now you know.

To end this misery of a post I will just say that I will try to make the next one a bit less boring.
But that is of course up to you to decide.

Thanks for reading dad.
Love you!

Google Science Fair – In My Dreams

Oh my goodness if I were a kid of today…

Google Science Fair?!
Excuse me, WHAT did you just say?
Yeah, I know. Google rocks my world too.

Anyhow. This is something they’ve rocked since 2011. And now it’s time for the 2014 addition.
New for this year is that they will also give awards for:

For the 2014 competition, we’ll also give two new awards to celebrate even more talented young scientists:
The Computer Science Award will be given to a project that champions innovation and excellence in the field of computer science.
Local Award Winners—students whose projects have attempted to address an issue relevant to their community—will be honored in select locations globally.

If I were a kid today I’d gather a group of clever friends and win the hell out of all awards.

What are you waiting for?! Tell all kids you know about this!

Oh, they have to be in the age of 13-18.

Read more in the blog post at Google.


The 2nd


My second ever painting is now done.
Well. It’s actually been done for a while. A week or so. But I’ve not been sure if I wanted to post it here. But then I thought – what can go wrong? Someone not liking it? Ha! People dislike and/or like different things all day long. What does my painting have to do with that. And do I actually care? Not so much.
Ok. I care a little. Or a lot. But I won’t let my fear stop me.

So here it is. For you to like, dislike or not care about at all.


Amsterdam man!

Hey, it’s been a while now.
How are you? Are you good? It’s Saturday, I truly hope you’re feeling great!
I’m exhausted. Mentally. But in a very good way.

Last night I came back from Amsterdam. I’ve been there since Tuesday. I went with work. A first ever European Client Services Consultants Conference.
Oh, that’s what my role is. CSC in short.
It was amazing!

Not only did I meet a lot of brilliant people, it was also very exciting to get more knowledge about ReachLocal and about myself.

Yourself? What do you mean?

Well. We had a great session the first day. It was about leadership.
What is a leader? What does it mean?
What does it mean?

People gave examples of situations they couldn’t figure out or wanted support with.
Minds were twisted or straightened or whatever you whish to call it. I say twisted as it made me see things in a different way.

Everybody had open minds. Not once did I hear No, that’s not true. No that won’t work. Nobody was judging anyone. All was equal in that conference room.

Which for me was very liberating.
Liberating in the way of making me feel at home and free. I could be myself.  And what was so great I did not once feel that people made assumptions about me, my knowledge or experience. Nobody assumed I knew or didn’t know. That, people, is to me – liberating.

As it’s Saturday I’m going to stay in bed for a little while longer. Then I’m going to make breakfast. And that is about as much as I have planned for today. Love it.


Phoneless – how did I do?

Do you remember when I told you I’d lost my phone? It was a week and a half ago.
I smashed the front of my iPhone to bits and pieces.

Not clever. Believe me, I know.

Anyhow. I thought it would be a good opportunity for me to not be on-line all the time. Maybe get a little rest. The timing was almost perfect as we were going up north to visit my boyfriends brother and his wife and their mother. I was supposed to be busy with other things anyway. I thought to myself.
Did it work?

Not at all. I used my boyfriend’s phone as soon as I could. And when at home I used the laptop. As I started my new job I got a new phone.
The joy! A smart phone! Eureka!

It feels sad. Depressing kind of.
Am I that digitally addicted?

What is it that makes me not able to log out?
What is it that makes me log in to Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, my email and my blog everyday?

It’s something that drives me to log in everyday.
Curiosity. Being nosy, if you’d like.
I want to see what others are up to. I want to see if that photo I posted a few days ago have gotten any more likes. I want to see if I can find the perfect photo of the perfect piece of furniture on Pinterest. I want to see if the people I look up to on Twitter have posted anything funny/interesting/insightful.
And yes, of course I want to keep up with what my family and friends do. Of course.

Maybe I should try a week away from social?
Wait. Did that. Didn’t work.
Damn it.