Oh my goodness if I were a kid of today…

Google Science Fair?!
Excuse me, WHAT did you just say?
Yeah, I know. Google rocks my world too.

Anyhow. This is something they’ve rocked since 2011. And now it’s time for the 2014 addition.
New for this year is that they will also give awards for:

For the 2014 competition, we’ll also give two new awards to celebrate even more talented young scientists:
The Computer Science Award will be given to a project that champions innovation and excellence in the field of computer science.
Local Award Winners—students whose projects have attempted to address an issue relevant to their community—will be honored in select locations globally.

If I were a kid today I’d gather a group of clever friends and win the hell out of all awards.

What are you waiting for?! Tell all kids you know about this!

Oh, they have to be in the age of 13-18.

Read more in the blog post at Google.



My second ever painting is now done.
Well. It’s actually been done for a while. A week or so. But I’ve not been sure if I wanted to post it here. But then I thought – what can go wrong? Someone not liking it? Ha! People dislike and/or like different things all day long. What does my painting have to do with that. And do I actually care? Not so much.
Ok. I care a little. Or a lot. But I won’t let my fear stop me.

So here it is. For you to like, dislike or not care about at all.


Hey, it’s been a while now.
How are you? Are you good? It’s Saturday, I truly hope you’re feeling great!
I’m exhausted. Mentally. But in a very good way.

Last night I came back from Amsterdam. I’ve been there since Tuesday. I went with work. A first ever European Client Services Consultants Conference.
Oh, that’s what my role is. CSC in short.
It was amazing!

Not only did I meet a lot of brilliant people, it was also very exciting to get more knowledge about ReachLocal and about myself.

Yourself? What do you mean?

Well. We had a great session the first day. It was about leadership.
What is a leader? What does it mean?
What does it mean?

People gave examples of situations they couldn’t figure out or wanted support with.
Minds were twisted or straightened or whatever you whish to call it. I say twisted as it made me see things in a different way.

Everybody had open minds. Not once did I hear No, that’s not true. No that won’t work. Nobody was judging anyone. All was equal in that conference room.

Which for me was very liberating.
Liberating in the way of making me feel at home and free. I could be myself.  And what was so great I did not once feel that people made assumptions about me, my knowledge or experience. Nobody assumed I knew or didn’t know. That, people, is to me – liberating.

As it’s Saturday I’m going to stay in bed for a little while longer. Then I’m going to make breakfast. And that is about as much as I have planned for today. Love it.


Do you remember when I told you I’d lost my phone? It was a week and a half ago.
I smashed the front of my iPhone to bits and pieces.

Not clever. Believe me, I know.

Anyhow. I thought it would be a good opportunity for me to not be on-line all the time. Maybe get a little rest. The timing was almost perfect as we were going up north to visit my boyfriends brother and his wife and their mother. I was supposed to be busy with other things anyway. I thought to myself.
Did it work?

Not at all. I used my boyfriend’s phone as soon as I could. And when at home I used the laptop. As I started my new job I got a new phone.
The joy! A smart phone! Eureka!

It feels sad. Depressing kind of.
Am I that digitally addicted?

What is it that makes me not able to log out?
What is it that makes me log in to Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, my email and my blog everyday?

It’s something that drives me to log in everyday.
Curiosity. Being nosy, if you’d like.
I want to see what others are up to. I want to see if that photo I posted a few days ago have gotten any more likes. I want to see if I can find the perfect photo of the perfect piece of furniture on Pinterest. I want to see if the people I look up to on Twitter have posted anything funny/interesting/insightful.
And yes, of course I want to keep up with what my family and friends do. Of course.

Maybe I should try a week away from social?
Wait. Did that. Didn’t work.
Damn it. 

I’ve got some news for you.
I am done with my painting.
Not done as in the exercise of painting but done as I have completed my very first painting.

It feels amazing.

I am happy.
A bit worried. But mostly happy.

Can I go and buy more paint and canvases now please? :)

Sorry, can’t show you a photo of it as I have no phone to take the photo with.


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