The Boring Blog Post

I warned you.
It’s your own fault if you clicked to read this.
Don’t be mad at me by the end of this post if you don’t feel satisfied or happy or sad or any other emotion than…fatigued.
Yes I had to google synonyms for bored.

So don’t leave a comment about how boring this post is. It clearly states in the headline of this post that it is in fact a Boring Blog Post.
If you, however would like to leave a comment could I please ask you to do so with a lot of love. Thanks
Or maybe you can just click the star. Thanks a lot Mr.Anonymous25.

Ok. I would be happy if anyone would star my post. Let me just be honest about that.
Even if it was Mr.Anonymous25.

I would be happy just to see the readers numbers go over two digits. But that’s just me.
A shout out to dad who always reads my posts. My most faithful reader. Or should I say my only faithful reader.

Dad, to let you know I will try to start to write again. I don’t know how often or what to write about. But now you know.

To end this misery of a post I will just say that I will try to make the next one a bit less boring.
But that is of course up to you to decide.

Thanks for reading dad.
Love you!


6 thoughts on “The Boring Blog Post

  1. I love you too (and three – remind me to tell you that sad joke next time we meet). The important thing is to write. And keep writing.Soon it won’t be boring.
    This wasn’t too boring – I’ve both read and written worse.
    Now go to bed so you can get up extra early tomorrow. And write. Practice makes perfect.


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