A little DIY – IKEA shoe rack

When I posted about my Tiny Spring Clean it was embarrassingly clear to me that something had to be done.
Either buy a new shoe rack OR just paint the one I have.

I did it. I finally painted the shoe rack.
I bought this IKEA shoe rack probably around the same time I moved in to this flat. Which is close to six and a half years ago. 78 months ago or somewhere around there.
It was ages ago, let’s just leave it at that.

As the shoe rack is doing a perfectly good job I thought to give it a little face lift before I surrender and buy a new one.
So off to Panduro to buy some paint.
And painted it I did.


The paint I used is the P.Furniture Paint Creme from Panduro.
I’ve never used their furniture paint before and I have to say I like it. Perfect sized can and great to close and re-open the next day.

As there’s still some paint left over I might see what else I can paint….