Hey guys – I’ve got a new job!

Yay me!

And now that it’s all communicated to colleagues and customers I can finally say it here too.
It’s not real until it’s on social media you know.

I have a new job.
So, the New Year & New Challenges is literally true. And so exciting!

I will tell you more about it once I’ve started and actually really know what it’s like.
But I have a feeling it will be awesome.

That’s all for now my little peaches.



Back to black

I say black and mean ink. I say ink and mean the text. So basically it means I’m back to writing again.

I am reading a lot of blogs now. And I’m getting super inspired. Which is a great feeling!

I just want to go home and decorate, pull out all my clothes on the floor and sort it all, cook a lot of amazing foods and I want to paint too. Wow. This Christmas holidays will be busy.

Or, I’ll continue my reading, feeling inspired, read a little more and play Super Mario.


Some of the blogs I read at the moment:

This Chick Got Style
Emmas Design Blog
STIL Inspiration

New Year – New Challenges

I haven’t written anything here since the beginning of August.
That’s saying something.

It’s saying that I have been tired. Not in a place where writing has been prioritised. Maybe it should have been? Or maybe it’s finally time for me to start writing again.

I have been settling in. In London. In my relationship. In our home.
In myself.

Note that I did not say I am settled in. I am still settling in. I think I will always be settling. Never be settled. That would imply me being done. Finished. And that my lovely people I hope I will never be.

I hope I will always stay hungry, curious and wanting. Wanting more. Needing more. Getting more.
More of what?
Experience. Love. Fun. Joy. Laughter. Life.

And soon this year has passed.
Welcome 2014!






Yes. I know it has been a while. Over a month even.
I’ve had a holiday, went back to Sweden to visit family and friends. Needless to say it was over the top amazing. So I kind of logged out while I was there.
The BF met the entire family and loads of my closest and best friends. Also amazing.
Came back to London to move house. Also amazing. A bit energy draining. But still (yes you guessed it) amazing.

So now I live together with a man who truly deserves the Boyfriend of The Year prize, every year.

But still no excuse for not updating the blog. I know and I am trying to apologise here.
Sometimes life just gets in the way peeps. And for that I’m not so sorry. Just means that I’ve been busy doing offline stuff. You know how it gets sometimes ;)

I am too late on my update about Feedly vs. Bloglovin as well. For that I am sorry. It kind of fell in between.. the chairs? (Swedish saying gets lost in translation).

Anyhow.. My two cents on that whole thing would be to say definitely Feedly on my laptop. Nicer design and it kind of made more sense to me at least. But, one thing that gave the winning price to Bloglovin in the end is the iPhone app for Feedly. It has never worked on my iPhone. Always a sad cloud saying it couldn’t refresh. So, I will have to vote for Bloglovin.

Now, I have stopped smoking again. Yes. It didn’t go well the last time. But now I have bought patches. So I’ll be damned if it doesn’t work for me now. Also, I am looking in to buying Zumba lessons/classes (or what the heck it’s called).

Now, there’s an update for ya lovely folks out there in cyberspace.

See ya later! 


Bloglovin #ftw & Bye Bye Google Reader

logo-bloglovinSo, it is soon time to say goodbye to Google Reader. Forever.
I did it a while back, to be honest. But as it is actually closing down on Monday I have a good, and easy tip, for you to continue the lovely life of subscribing to the blogs you just can’t live without.

Heeeellooooo Bloglovin!

It is really easy to use and is not too far from Google Reader in appearance as well.

If you’re often on the go and like reading your blogs on the bus, tube or walk to/from work: It does exist as an app for your, ever so, smart phone as well :)
Bloglovin in appstore
Bloglovin in Android market

Why I like it is because it does exactly what I want it too. I can read posts from my iPhone, I can get a daily digest in my email and I can just easily go to http://www.bloglovin.com and see the posts I still haven’t read and easily add new blogs to follow in a click.

What’s not to love about that?!

Another really good post on the exact same topic with visual aid to show you exactly how EASY it is to start using Bloglovin:

Bye Bye Google Reader, Hello Bloglovin’ | Drab to Fab Design.
Don’t forget to add me to your feed while you’re there ;)

Have a happy Wednesday all!

Follow my blog with Bloglovin


Ok. So my blog is starving. Starving for content to be written and published.

I’m sorry, blog! Ok?

I’ve been occupied with not being good at the quit smoking thing. I tried it. It worked for a week.
Also, been busy viewing flats and searching on every website possible for flats.
Hopefully, without jinxing it too much, we’ve found one. YAY! Hopefully.
Nothing is final yet as we still haven’t signed anything. So heres to hoping!
Already kind of jinxed it over the weekend posting it on FB & Instagram

Maybe just a bunch of excuses?
Yeah, probably. 
Just haven’t been in a writing, creating kind of mood.
But you know, that’s life, right?


I just confessed to the fact that I am smoking again.

#fail #epicfail #allhashtagsintheworldforsayingimaloser

Celebrated midsummers in London for the first time ever.
Next year I’ll be going back to Sweden to celebrate it. Definitely.

So, Sweden in three weeks. EXCITING!
Can’t wait to see everyone again.


Long time no.. when the sun’s out

So. An update is long overdue.
My apologies.

So, how is the life in London for this one little Swedish girl?
– It’s amazing! Really.

This day I miss my friends and family a bit extra. The sun is out. It feels like summer and last year at this time I would probably have plans to go around to my sisters after work for a proper BBQ.
But now, this year I am a bit too far away to be able to make that BBQ… Which kind of makes me feel a bit sad. Even though life is brilliant.

Don’t get me wrong here. I love everything about this city and my life here.
But there are of course days when the longing for my best friends and my family are a bit overwhelming. This day is one of those.

I know – snap out of it! Right?
I will try too…

Updates then..
I recently moved to a much more central location which is great! I am now able to walk to work which saves me loads of money. £118 a month to be exact. That’s always nice ;)

No need to worry about me becoming an old spinster anymore (win!). As I have the most loving, handsome and great boyfriend ever in life. Yes. That is right, “The single girl” got herself a man :)
Patting myself on the back

Other than that the summer has almost arrived to London. Had a few drinks yesterday at a boat. And of course photos were posted with the mandatory caption “I’m on a boat mutha******”.

I am wearing a dress and soon off for drinks with the BF & his friends.


Jamie’s Italian – Social media IRL

So. My ever so lovely mother is down for a visit. And a few nights ago we went for dinner at Jamie’s Italian over at Westfield.
Love it!
When ordering my mum asked for recommendations. As she couldn’t decide on what to eat.
The nice girl who took our order started to talk about her own taste, and saying which sold least and most and said this is only what she thinks and likes. “I don’t know why your taste is”.. Etc.

This of course, no matter if she actually was telling the truth, made it feel more honest, truthful and therefor transparent. We felt we could trust her and her opinion.
And my mum trusted her and chose accordingly to her recommendations.

This made me think of the online world.

I’m online everyday, on twitter and FB mostly, and if someone were to say something negative about a service/platform/venue I would take in consideration and probably don’t go there/buy the product/use that system..
I know I’m not on to something new here, peeps. So stop sighing and rolling your eyes..
But as I sat there it, yet again, convinced me that on- and offline are alike.

When communicating for yourself or for your brand all that needs to be taken into a count is who to connect with. Who will hear/see your story and to whom will it matter? Who will be impressed enough to actually share your story, or talk about it with their neighbour? And where is this taking place? Also when is the best time of the day, month year to tell your story?
All of this ofcourse depending on what your story is about.

Who, what, when, where, why – the big 5 ladies and gents as crucial as ever.

Like I said, nothing new here.
The only thing that’s changing is probably the – where.
Which platform is at best use for you/your brand? Is less actually more?

What is your story and who do you want to tell it too?

Oh, back to the food then…

Mum had a tuna pasta that was delicious and I had the salmon that was really fresh and good. We also shared the famous polenta chips which ofcourse was great too. A little bland but a nice substitute if you don’t fancy eating potatoes. Which is eaten a lot over here. In the form of chips. So if its really potatoes? I don’t know. They claim that it is ;)

The London tube

So. The tube in London is definitely a strange phenomenon.
This morning I couldn’t get on two trains. Two.
There was just too many people wanting to get on board at the same time. The queues were five people deep. There were just no use in me trying to fight my way through the crowd of grumpy, just-about-to-wake-up, morning people.
But at one of the stops almost everyone got off.
Ah air. I can breathe again.
The funny, or disgusting, thing was that the condensation in the carriage at this point made even the floor wet.
Imagine. Having to put on your wellies because the tube is so humid.

Better late than never..

My Easter weekend
To have days off, like this, is great.
Don’t get me wrong now.. I love my work. But you know what I mean ;)

This post will be mostly for my friends and family back home.. A late update..

On Friday me and J started a new Easter tradition. We went to the Swedish place called Fika.
It was wonderful. J had some swedish meatballs. I had the burger. Delicious!
8 hours, 3 bottles of wine, food and coffee – We loved it, and are so going back.
If not for anything so next Easter. After that we got invited to a friends house for a little houseparty. It was in a warehouse conversion. Not yet finished, but in anyway awesome. Cant wait to see when it’s finished.

Saturday, as you can imagine, was a bit of a haze. We had a long breakfast and then I went and treated myself to a manicure. So worth it! And it does make you feel a bit better and the hangover suddenly became less painful.
C’s parents were here visiting so C invited me & J for dinner on the boat. It was really nice! And so nice meeting her parents, who of course are as lovely as C!
As the Friday was pretty intense I caved in at around midnight and went home.

Easter Sunday. Met a friend at Gatwick. He was broken. After a stag weekend in Barcelona I think anyone would be. We went to Camden to the Lock Tavern and had a drink. As a little surprise there was a live band playing. We saw a few songs then we went for a bite to eat at Foggs and after that we went home.

Easter Monday was exciting as I was going to view a room in a flat. And oh how I loved it!
The person who showed me the flat is really nice and the building is super nice. And secure. You have to have codes and magnetic keys to get in.
So mom and dad – no need to worry
Only a few hours after I went to see the room I emailed him and said I wanted it.
So now I have the contract and I move in at the end of April. Yay!
The flat is really central and I will be able to walk to and from work. Free exercise is always good.

On Monday evening me and J went to the boat to catch up with C and T. And then we walked to a restaurant really close called the Big Easy and met up with C’s parents.
It was delicious. If you ever have the chance to go there – do it!

I think that’s it for my Easter weekend.
Puss & kram!