Phoneless – how did I do?

Do you remember when I told you I’d lost my phone? It was a week and a half ago.
I smashed the front of my iPhone to bits and pieces.

Not clever. Believe me, I know.

Anyhow. I thought it would be a good opportunity for me to not be on-line all the time. Maybe get a little rest. The timing was almost perfect as we were going up north to visit my boyfriends brother and his wife and their mother. I was supposed to be busy with other things anyway. I thought to myself.
Did it work?

Not at all. I used my boyfriend’s phone as soon as I could. And when at home I used the laptop. As I started my new job I got a new phone.
The joy! A smart phone! Eureka!

It feels sad. Depressing kind of.
Am I that digitally addicted?

What is it that makes me not able to log out?
What is it that makes me log in to Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, my email and my blog everyday?

It’s something that drives me to log in everyday.
Curiosity. Being nosy, if you’d like.
I want to see what others are up to. I want to see if that photo I posted a few days ago have gotten any more likes. I want to see if I can find the perfect photo of the perfect piece of furniture on Pinterest. I want to see if the people I look up to on Twitter have posted anything funny/interesting/insightful.
And yes, of course I want to keep up with what my family and friends do. Of course.

Maybe I should try a week away from social?
Wait. Did that. Didn’t work.
Damn it. 


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