No smart phone – no life?

Yesterday I handed my laptop and phone in to my old job.
As I start my new job on Monday if you’ve missed?

What happens as soon as I’ve done so?
My personal iPhone slips through my fingers and – BAM! – hits the stone hard floor.
Front display shattered to a million pieces.
At first I panicked. I thought the end of the world as I knew it was near.

Today I wake up and it feels like a challenge I have to accept.
– How long can I go without a smart phone? Or any phone for that matter.

Challenge accepted. Bring it on, world. Bring it on!


DIY – Sugar Body Scrub

So. I don’t know if you might have noticed. But I am feeling very creative and in need of creating things right now.
I know, probably a faze.
Anyhow, I came across this lovely website on Pinterest. it’s recipes on how to make your very own body scrub – with sugar!
So I decided to give it a go.

I put my trainers on and walked to Whole Foods here in Camden and got my hands on organic sunflower oil, organic cane sugar and a jar to put the end product in.

As the recipe says I also added cinnamon. Smells nice.
Then I put all the ingredients in a bowl, stirred until fully combined and then put it all in the jar.
Done! Easy peasy.

So how to do it?
Take 3 parts of cane sugar/brown sugar

1 part of oil (I used sunflower oil as it’s odour free but you can use olive oil, almond oil, coconut oil as well)

1/2 teaspoon of grounded cinnamon

Stir it all until thoroughly combined. Then you’re done.

And how do you use it?
Apply on wet skin, scrub and then rinse with water.

As the grains is fairly big this one is better for your body rather than your face.
If you want a facial scrub use fine white sugar and coconut oil (just a tip).

Feel beautiful & enjoy!

I went Heisenberg on their asses

Do I have a tip for you.
Are you ready?
Really sure?
Here it comes..
Make sure you know when school start is around the corner.
And then stay clear of IKEA and museums.

With that said I’ve had a grand weekend.
After I finally got rid of that little stomach bug (puke pause) I caught when in Sweden for Christmas I felt like a new person. Yay!
The boyfriends bestie is in town and his girlfriend too.
Absolutely lovely people. 
Apart from hanging out on New Years (with me not drinking anything but water and eating a little toast) we went to the Science Museum yesterday.
And it was amazing!
If you ever get here to London I would suggest going. But on a weekday.
Another tip of mine would be to make a plan of what exhibitions in there you want to see and take them first. And then work your way around the rest. As it is a lot to take in.
My judgement may have been clouded by the fact that this was the weekend before kids going back to school and me being outside of our home for the first time in a week. 
The flight exhibition was my favourite of what we went to see.
We never did make it to the IMAX which is supposed to be awesome. I would like to see the deep sea. It’s apparently like being under water. Thrilling!

Today we went to IKEA to spend all our Christmas gift vouchers. Yippey!
We got a new sofa – like heaven on earth.
Sadly it wont be delivered until tomorrow. But you know, she who waits… Or how does that saying go?
Anyhow. Did you see Ally McBeal growing up?
I did. And I think it has made me a bit… weird.
I did a lot of killing, like in a video game, today at IKEA. No one was saved. Everyone in my way got slaughtered. Round kicks. Machine guns. You name – it happened.
I went Heisinberg on their asses.
But all in my imagination of course.
I need to point that out.  
Seriously though. Have you ever been to IKEA and not been completely stressed out by all the other people that just HAD TO GO there at the same time.
I mean like – Come on!

Anyhow. Me and the boyfriend survived perfectly.

Over ‘n’ out