The 1st

I’ve got some news for you.
I am done with my painting.
Not done as in the exercise of painting but done as I have completed my very first painting.

It feels amazing.

I am happy.
A bit worried. But mostly happy.

Can I go and buy more paint and canvases now please? :)

Sorry, can’t show you a photo of it as I have no phone to take the photo with.

I’m scared


See that?!
It’s scaring the … Well you know … Out of me.
This means I have to get to it. I can’t just talk about it anymore. Now I’ve bought a canvas, brushes and paint I have to do something with it.
At the same time it scares me it’s also so exciting!

Me, painting? What?

Ok. I shall see when I actually get to it.

We got our sofa today so that is the project of the day :)

See you when I see you!