About me

In general I don’t really like the traditional CV/resume or the traditional job ad.

But here you’ll get a summary of me and my experience.
For more details please visit my LinkedIn profile.

My previous experience is all in Customer Service, Customer training, Internal training, creating processes, tweaking and improving existing processes, enterprise client on-boarding & training, I’ve been responsible for the total book of a sales team and I’ve created a new department solely focused on customer & internal training. And I am very proud of what I’ve done this far. But I’m not done yet. I mean, are we ever?

But what is it that gets me going? What makes me put on a smile and happily go to work on a daily basis? 
Responsibility, being able to develop my career and my self with support from my employer, learning new things and being pushed out of my comfort zone as I’m a firm believer that is where the so called magic happens. My colleagues and team are also a big part in my happiness at work I must say. To be surrounded by professional, fun loving, happy, positive, can-do attitude kind of people. I’ve had the amazing fortune of being at such places before so I do know they exist :)

What would make me leave a work place? 
Inequality. Unfair management and mean people.

Who am I?
I am very driven and ambitious, a quick learner with a can-do attitude at the same time that I question the way you do things. But that’s just the way that I learn and also a way for me to see if there’s any way of making it even better than before.
I also love to laugh and make new friends.
I have a dog who is the centre of my life. Check him out on Instagram while you’re at it.
To hang out with my family and friends is my happy place on earth. Wherever it takes place.

If you want to I can also give you good tips on dishes that take a very short time to cook but still tastes good. It’s one of the many things I know how to do.


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