Amsterdam man!

Hey, it’s been a while now.
How are you? Are you good? It’s Saturday, I truly hope you’re feeling great!
I’m exhausted. Mentally. But in a very good way.

Last night I came back from Amsterdam. I’ve been there since Tuesday. I went with work. A first ever European Client Services Consultants Conference.
Oh, that’s what my role is. CSC in short.
It was amazing!

Not only did I meet a lot of brilliant people, it was also very exciting to get more knowledge about ReachLocal and about myself.

Yourself? What do you mean?

Well. We had a great session the first day. It was about leadership.
What is a leader? What does it mean?
What does it mean?

People gave examples of situations they couldn’t figure out or wanted support with.
Minds were twisted or straightened or whatever you whish to call it. I say twisted as it made me see things in a different way.

Everybody had open minds. Not once did I hear No, that’s not true. No that won’t work. Nobody was judging anyone. All was equal in that conference room.

Which for me was very liberating.
Liberating in the way of making me feel at home and free. I could be myself.  And what was so great I did not once feel that people made assumptions about me, my knowledge or experience. Nobody assumed I knew or didn’t know. That, people, is to me – liberating.

As it’s Saturday I’m going to stay in bed for a little while longer. Then I’m going to make breakfast. And that is about as much as I have planned for today. Love it.



Bloglovin #ftw & Bye Bye Google Reader

logo-bloglovinSo, it is soon time to say goodbye to Google Reader. Forever.
I did it a while back, to be honest. But as it is actually closing down on Monday I have a good, and easy tip, for you to continue the lovely life of subscribing to the blogs you just can’t live without.

Heeeellooooo Bloglovin!

It is really easy to use and is not too far from Google Reader in appearance as well.

If you’re often on the go and like reading your blogs on the bus, tube or walk to/from work: It does exist as an app for your, ever so, smart phone as well :)
Bloglovin in appstore
Bloglovin in Android market

Why I like it is because it does exactly what I want it too. I can read posts from my iPhone, I can get a daily digest in my email and I can just easily go to and see the posts I still haven’t read and easily add new blogs to follow in a click.

What’s not to love about that?!

Another really good post on the exact same topic with visual aid to show you exactly how EASY it is to start using Bloglovin:

Bye Bye Google Reader, Hello Bloglovin’ | Drab to Fab Design.
Don’t forget to add me to your feed while you’re there ;)

Have a happy Wednesday all!

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Oldie but goodie – Online Newsrooms; how they save you time & money

5 ways online newsrooms will save time and money
Originally posted by Steve Momorella on June 25, 2012

So, this article was published in June of last year but still good to read and useful.
The headline itself gives you a hint of what is said in it. I still think you should take your time, make a cup of coffee (or beverage of choice) and have a sit down to read it. Think about how you or your company works with your comms today and if this is something you could need/want/use – Enjoy!

“75 percent of social media news consumers say they visit one after reading breaking news on Twitter or Facebook.”

“An online newsroom is an essential piece of your digital communications strategy. It can save your organization time and money and can help win positive coverage in the media, build excitement around a new product, and rank higher in searches.”

Don’t want to read the whole thing?

The five ways…
As an information management system – By using your online newsroom as an information management system, you can have all your company’s materials at your fingertips.

As an investor relations HQ for Web disclosure – At the very least, you can use your online newsroom to manage your archived IR content, including links to conference calls, earnings webcasts, executive biographies, and other financial disclosure and compliance content.

As a crisis communications center – By using an online newsroom to manage content before a crisis hits and to provide a headquarters for updates and other information, companies can deploy an effective communications strategy.
(My notes: An example I could give you is Oslo Airport when they ran out of petrol over christmas.)

As a product rollout/launch companion – Digital communications have blurred the lines between traditional media relations and marketing. To that end, online newsrooms are a great resource for showcasing a product launch, acting as a repository for photos, videos, product press kits, quotes, events and other rollout information.

As an SEO content engine – An abundance of search engine optimized content—with considerable cross-linking—can turn an online newsroom into an industry resource for journalists and for potential customers, partners, investors, and other constituents. Provide more content, not less.

So they say…

…I have been working three (3) years at Mynewsdesk.
In one way it feels like I’ve been working here forever. But not in that “Oh I’m so bored it seems like forever” forever. More in the way of “Oh, of course I am working at Mynewsdesk, where else would I be?”  kind of forever.

I remember my first day. No, actually it was my first Monday. And they served breakfast. What?! It was amazing and I remember thinking – Well, I can stay here forever!
And here I am. Three years later.
What have I done during these past three years? Oh my..What haven’t I been doing?

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Started out as a temp for S who was going to the states for 2 months. I helped the finance (then called Admin) team with anything from invoicing, booking trips for anyone who needed it, ordering new mobile phones, laptops etc.
Then got an offer to work in sales. And as curious and in need of trying new things I said YES!
Well. That didn’t really work out. I can not sell even if my life depend on it I think. Some people still argue with me, but let’s face it. I suck at selling (pardon my french ppl).

After a few chats with boss at the time I presented an idea of what I would like to work with. One of the things was Customer Service. Which then became reality. I started to sort some things out at that department, as it was in desperate need of sorting some things out. Later I started, together with my boss, to develop a new department.
That was probably the most fun I have had in years. I loved it!
Sad to say, the need for that being a department of it’s own was not yet as big as I had hoped. So, going back to Customer Services wasn’t really what I had hoped for. Therefor when the opportunity came I grabbed it quicker than anything – I moved to London.

And here I am in London, being celebrated by my lovely (did I say LOVELY?!) team:

Thank you all for these three years. I’ll keep singing – “And many moooooore”

Social media?

Social media.
The wording it self makes me think.
Social media. When is it not social?
Ok so I know what it means.
Don’t get me wrong here people.

We as one of many species on this planet are a social one. We are built to interact with other people. When it goes online it is simply a different forum.

So why do some people behave so completely different online in comparison to how they act offline?
IRL, if you’d like.

Of course I am aware of what I retweet, of what I post on Facebook and what goes on my LinkedIn profile. Three different forums. But it is still me. Fia.

A colleague of mine, P, had such a good way of explaining this to a group of people, not too long ago, in a seminar.

He gave the example of you being invited to a party where there will be people you have never met before.
What do you do?
You have a quick “search” to find out something about these people. In order for you to see if you will fit in there.
We are all about adapting you see. And almost all of us want to fit in to some kind of context.
no, of course you don’t have to agree with me

In an offline situation you would start to think about what to wear. You don’t want to be overdressed, nor would you want to come to a party and be too casual. It might make you feel slightly uncomfortable.
You might also think about what kind of topics can or can I not talk about. Would something maybe offend these people? Would something make people talk bad about me? The most part of people, that I know anyways, would like to have a good reputation.

Being online as a brand, or a person, is no different.
You want to be your best. At all times. You want people to talk good about you when you leave a room. Reputation. You would like to contribute to a conversation. Thought leader. You would like to be seen as one of the good guys that does not only show up for the free food.
And, who would mind being seen as one of the cool kids on the block? Innovative and pioneering.

So why is it still so hard for some? What is it that some people are so afraid of when this is happening online?
It is exactly the same as an offline discussion would be. Except that you only have 140 characters so you need to practice your punch lines.
Or start a blog.
Why not do both?

Also I think that honesty, transparency and a healthy portion of humour will take you a long way. On and offline.

What do you think?

The Guardian Changing Media Summit 2013 – My thoughts

Here I am on the last day of the event and of the week.


Yesterday was the first of two days.
I got the impression that the attendees are enjoying themselfes.
The talks seems to be qualitative. At least to judge from the twitter feeds.
Again I use tweetchat to follow the #cms2013.
It is quite interesting to watch a thread of quotes about someone talking on stage when you are on the outside “looking in”.

Also, a moment of pride was when our CEO @Pingman took the stage and got big applause.
He’s talk was “From press release to Media House” and its about the changing media landscape and how big brands today act like their own media houses.

Sad to say I wasn’t able to actually see him other than on a big screen outside the conference rooms. But he looked good up on the stage with his red jacket.
Other attendees agreed with me. One of whom was @mediamurray (Jack Murray).

The group of people at The Guardian who has pulled this summit together are a super-hero-group of people. As they are only a group of five.
Five people has put this two day summit together. With all the speakers, all the attendees, all the exhibitors, the food, the dinner yesterday followed by drinks.
I am impressed.
Having a little experience of putting events together myself I know what a hassle it can be.
And what I have done would be nothing in comparison to this.
Impressed to say the least.
To add I am also very glad to have been a part of all of this as I have met truly great people and I hope that we will have further contact and reasons for collaborations in the future.

To compare the #cms2013 to the #smwf that I attended in the beginning of the week will be really hard.
The two are so different in a way.
#smwf was a smaller and more intimate event and also a bit more laid back overall.
#cms2013 is a lot bigger both in terms of number of attendees and the venue.
Both have excellent food.

I wrote a little bit about the two on the Mynewsdesk People blog.

A good way to end the week I would say, at the very least.

Have a happy weekend all!

#smwf day 2 – my thoughts

The second and last day of the #smwf has now come to an end. I have now spent two days at the lovely Brewery. The venue was great. So was all the people working there. If you’re looking for a venue in London – get in touch with them. It is a truly great place :)

As I have now spent two days at the #smwf i will now scribble down my thoughts on it.

First of all I will have to be honest about the fact that I have followed thetalks via twitter (thanks to tweetchat). So I can not give any feedback on the actual presentations. Except for the one that Dom Burch from ASDA made yesterday. But that one I have already mentioned (read it here).
Not that he brought anything new to the table, really (sorry Dom, not being rude or nonchalant), but his energy and his way of taking the stage was refreshing and truly enjoyable. For sure. I know a lot of people at the event (and of course on twitter) agree with we. I would see him speak again, any day!

Speaking of Twitter. I have gotten 10 new followers from attending (and tweeting about) this event. To be followed always makes me happy. Not only because it is an affirmation/confirmation but more so that I am actually building some kind of relationship (you know what I mean) which I always love to do.

I was called a social butterfly today by one of my colleagues. At first I wasn’t really sure what that meant. But I just took it as a compliment.
As I always do with things being said to me that I don’t fully understand.

Back to Twitter, I have had some great chats with people I (sadly) still haven’t met IRL. But hope to do so in the future as the humour has been quite good as well.
loving it!

Back to my thoughts on the event.
I must say that these kinds of events are great for networking and getting new online and offline contacts.
As an event on social media, I must say that I heard (read on Twitter) that it was a bit outdated topics floating around. Like ‘Content is King’. Hasn’t that been a fact since… caveman?
thank you @jeremywaite for that lovely quote, mwoah!

Also, I would love, absolutely love, did I say LOVE, to have my mind blown.
I would love to hear or see something completely new for a change.
I know I might be a bit…nerdy… as this is my first event of this sort.. But still.
Is it too much to ask to have my mind completely blown?
Yes, some might say.. at times I might agree, but when it comes to something like social media I am actually expecting it.
Because being social is being in the now, and going to these kinds of events one might think that something mind blowing would be presented. No?
One might think that something new and exciting will be presented or talked about.
Maybe I missed it?
Ok. I’ll keep wanting more. Always. Give me more and I will be content. Give me something new and I’ll be clapping my hands like a sea lion, my eyes will shimmer as of a child’s at christmas (or my own on my birthday).. You get where I am going with this.

To end this, now very long, blog post I will have to say that I have truly enjoyed these two days.
I have had the opportunity to be social both on- and off line which is what gives me the actual energy to live.
Not in a weird psycho, stalky way.
I think I might actually be a social butterfly. I like it. I’ll own it.

#smwf day one

So I have attended my first #smwf event. (Social Media World Forum)

I really enjoyed it! It was a laid back atmosphere and I got the chance to listen to two of the speakers.

One of which was Dominic Burch from Asda. He had a great energy on stage and of course had some great things to say. Most of all I enjoyed he’s view on social pr.

He said that websites are dead and that content is king. It does not matter where you publish your content as long as it works to view on a mobile phone.
Which I totally agree with. As more and more people are using smart phones, searching for info on smart phones, being social on their smart phones etc..
So, as long as your platform/s (which ever it might be) are responsive (adapts to the device you are using) you are good to go.

I am glad that I got to see his talk. After hearing what people where talking about, and just having a quick look on twitter it seems as though he was the best one today.
way to go Dom!

A part from listening to Dominic Burch I got the chance to talk to some really nice people. One man from Holland shared my point of view – I am still wanting something to really blow my mind.
Not my intention to come across as rude or big headed or anything really.
But it would be kind of awesome.
wouldn’t it?

Maybe it is just the fact that most of the social media world is, when you think about it, nothing new. As we are a social animal, us humans :)
We need to socialise. It is just a different forum when it goes online. And also when being online you have a greater chance to find your forum. Your peers. Connecting with people you might not have met IRL (in real life).
Which is, if you ask me, brilliant.

That is it from me today. I am now signing out, going offline and going to sleep. And I am excited about day 2 at the #smwf

See you there maybe?

Back on track

Hej bloggen!
Jag är här igen.

Det var väl ca 2 månader sedan sist. Det blir så ibland.
Speciellt när jag själv inte riktigt har balans, då är det svårt att finnas här – också.

Men nu. Nu. Nu är jag här. Igen.
Vet du? Det har hänt en massa saker. En miljon saker har hänt! Minst.
Näe, kanske inte en miljon då. Men det känns så!
Ibland känns det som jag ska spricka!

Vad är det som har hänt då?!
Undrar du kanske nu.

Nej inte bara resa bort på semester.
Jag. Ska. Flytta. Flytta. Byta hem. Byta land.

Och det är snart.
Den första februari ska jag vara på plats.

Utöver det har jag dessutom fått en förfrågan som är väldigt intressant. Ska pratas mer om det.
Förhoppningsvis ska det pratas redan imorgon.
Återstår att se. Kan inte säga mer än så.
Jag vet. Säger man A så…

Cheerio ol’ chaps!


Det kan man ha. Om de faller in eller levs upp till är ju en annan femma.

Imorse skrev jag om A day. Jag skrev även att jag skulle fota så det stod härliga till. Har detta hänt? Näe, inte direkt.
Varför då?
Jo, denna dag har varit fylld av möten. Har haft tre utbildningar (superkul) och ett annat möte där jag fick reda på hur jag, som person, är utefter en DISC-profil. Intressant. Med bara några klick på en sida räknas det ut hur jag ser på mig själv, hur jag upplevs och hur jag beter mig på jobbet. Tro det eller ej så stämde det ganska så precis. Ja, skulle kunna säga att det var på pricken. Sjukt. Jag fick 24 alternativ. Eller frågor. Där skulle jag välja minst och mest sannolika. Utifrån det så visas det hur jag är. ÄR. Jag är. Spännande.

Andra förväntningar som finns är ju på semestern. Alltså förväntningar på vädret, vistelsen, hotellet, brännan…. Ja. Du förstår. Jag vet. Man kan inte, och ska inte, ta ut saker i förskott. Men(!) just nu gör jag det. Jag vill bli brun, jag vill kunna slappna av, jag villa använda varenda klädesplagg jag packat ned, jag vill komma tillbaka som ett paket fyrverkerier för att jag fått vila upp mig. Vad tror du? Troligt? Rimligt?

Okej. Jag har haft Nazi-Ida på besök. Hon har halverat min redan packade väska. Hon ifrågasatte varenda plagg, varenda sko, varenda väska, varenda bikini. Fy bubblan. Jag kom in i en treårstrots och motsatte mig tydligt till hennes ifrågasättande av mina val. Men, detta resulterade i att min packning halverades. Så det är väl ok. Typ. Kanske. Jo.

Nu borde jag kunna få plats med min necessär. Men där får ingen, INGEN, ifrågasätta mitt val av saker. Saker i min necessär kommer bestå av stylingprodukter, sminkborttagning, nagellack, nagellackborttagning, tops, bomullpads, tandborste, tandkräm, hårborste, hårnålar och allt annat man kan tänkas behöva för att styra till en någorlunda okej frisyr och andra hygienprylar. Säg emot med ditt liv som insats. Just sayin…

Okej. Nu har jag alltså bara med mig sju par skor, tre klänningar, en kjol, tre par shorts, fyra väskor, två långbyxor och ett antal toppar. Än så länge.. kanske kommer att revidera denna packning… kanske… Måste nog väga väskan först.
Någon som har en våg att låna ut?