Google Science Fair – In My Dreams

Oh my goodness if I were a kid of today…

Google Science Fair?!
Excuse me, WHAT did you just say?
Yeah, I know. Google rocks my world too.

Anyhow. This is something they’ve rocked since 2011. And now it’s time for the 2014 addition.
New for this year is that they will also give awards for:

For the 2014 competition, we’ll also give two new awards to celebrate even more talented young scientists:
The Computer Science Award will be given to a project that champions innovation and excellence in the field of computer science.
Local Award Winners—students whose projects have attempted to address an issue relevant to their community—will be honored in select locations globally.

If I were a kid today I’d gather a group of clever friends and win the hell out of all awards.

What are you waiting for?! Tell all kids you know about this!

Oh, they have to be in the age of 13-18.

Read more in the blog post at Google.



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