New Year – New Challenges

I haven’t written anything here since the beginning of August.
That’s saying something.

It’s saying that I have been tired. Not in a place where writing has been prioritised. Maybe it should have been? Or maybe it’s finally time for me to start writing again.

I have been settling in. In London. In my relationship. In our home.
In myself.

Note that I did not say I am settled in. I am still settling in. I think I will always be settling. Never be settled. That would imply me being done. Finished. And that my lovely people I hope I will never be.

I hope I will always stay hungry, curious and wanting. Wanting more. Needing more. Getting more.
More of what?
Experience. Love. Fun. Joy. Laughter. Life.

And soon this year has passed.
Welcome 2014!





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