Yes. I know it has been a while. Over a month even.
I’ve had a holiday, went back to Sweden to visit family and friends. Needless to say it was over the top amazing. So I kind of logged out while I was there.
The BF met the entire family and loads of my closest and best friends. Also amazing.
Came back to London to move house. Also amazing. A bit energy draining. But still (yes you guessed it) amazing.

So now I live together with a man who truly deserves the Boyfriend of The Year prize, every year.

But still no excuse for not updating the blog. I know and I am trying to apologise here.
Sometimes life just gets in the way peeps. And for that I’m not so sorry. Just means that I’ve been busy doing offline stuff. You know how it gets sometimes ;)

I am too late on my update about Feedly vs. Bloglovin as well. For that I am sorry. It kind of fell in between.. the chairs? (Swedish saying gets lost in translation).

Anyhow.. My two cents on that whole thing would be to say definitely Feedly on my laptop. Nicer design and it kind of made more sense to me at least. But, one thing that gave the winning price to Bloglovin in the end is the iPhone app for Feedly. It has never worked on my iPhone. Always a sad cloud saying it couldn’t refresh. So, I will have to vote for Bloglovin.

Now, I have stopped smoking again. Yes. It didn’t go well the last time. But now I have bought patches. So I’ll be damned if it doesn’t work for me now. Also, I am looking in to buying Zumba lessons/classes (or what the heck it’s called).

Now, there’s an update for ya lovely folks out there in cyberspace.

See ya later! 



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