Bloglovin #ftw & Bye Bye Google Reader

logo-bloglovinSo, it is soon time to say goodbye to Google Reader. Forever.
I did it a while back, to be honest. But as it is actually closing down on Monday I have a good, and easy tip, for you to continue the lovely life of subscribing to the blogs you just can’t live without.

Heeeellooooo Bloglovin!

It is really easy to use and is not too far from Google Reader in appearance as well.

If you’re often on the go and like reading your blogs on the bus, tube or walk to/from work: It does exist as an app for your, ever so, smart phone as well :)
Bloglovin in appstore
Bloglovin in Android market

Why I like it is because it does exactly what I want it too. I can read posts from my iPhone, I can get a daily digest in my email and I can just easily go to and see the posts I still haven’t read and easily add new blogs to follow in a click.

What’s not to love about that?!

Another really good post on the exact same topic with visual aid to show you exactly how EASY it is to start using Bloglovin:

Bye Bye Google Reader, Hello Bloglovin’ | Drab to Fab Design.
Don’t forget to add me to your feed while you’re there ;)

Have a happy Wednesday all!

Follow my blog with Bloglovin


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