Ok. So my blog is starving. Starving for content to be written and published.

I’m sorry, blog! Ok?

I’ve been occupied with not being good at the quit smoking thing. I tried it. It worked for a week.
Also, been busy viewing flats and searching on every website possible for flats.
Hopefully, without jinxing it too much, we’ve found one. YAY! Hopefully.
Nothing is final yet as we still haven’t signed anything. So heres to hoping!
Already kind of jinxed it over the weekend posting it on FB & Instagram

Maybe just a bunch of excuses?
Yeah, probably. 
Just haven’t been in a writing, creating kind of mood.
But you know, that’s life, right?


I just confessed to the fact that I am smoking again.

#fail #epicfail #allhashtagsintheworldforsayingimaloser

Celebrated midsummers in London for the first time ever.
Next year I’ll be going back to Sweden to celebrate it. Definitely.

So, Sweden in three weeks. EXCITING!
Can’t wait to see everyone again.



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