Long time no.. when the sun’s out

So. An update is long overdue.
My apologies.

So, how is the life in London for this one little Swedish girl?
– It’s amazing! Really.

This day I miss my friends and family a bit extra. The sun is out. It feels like summer and last year at this time I would probably have plans to go around to my sisters after work for a proper BBQ.
But now, this year I am a bit too far away to be able to make that BBQ… Which kind of makes me feel a bit sad. Even though life is brilliant.

Don’t get me wrong here. I love everything about this city and my life here.
But there are of course days when the longing for my best friends and my family are a bit overwhelming. This day is one of those.

I know – snap out of it! Right?
I will try too…

Updates then..
I recently moved to a much more central location which is great! I am now able to walk to work which saves me loads of money. £118 a month to be exact. That’s always nice ;)

No need to worry about me becoming an old spinster anymore (win!). As I have the most loving, handsome and great boyfriend ever in life. Yes. That is right, “The single girl” got herself a man :)
Patting myself on the back

Other than that the summer has almost arrived to London. Had a few drinks yesterday at a boat. And of course photos were posted with the mandatory caption “I’m on a boat mutha******”.

I am wearing a dress and soon off for drinks with the BF & his friends.



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