Jamie’s Italian – Social media IRL

So. My ever so lovely mother is down for a visit. And a few nights ago we went for dinner at Jamie’s Italian over at Westfield.
Love it!
When ordering my mum asked for recommendations. As she couldn’t decide on what to eat.
The nice girl who took our order started to talk about her own taste, and saying which sold least and most and said this is only what she thinks and likes. “I don’t know why your taste is”.. Etc.

This of course, no matter if she actually was telling the truth, made it feel more honest, truthful and therefor transparent. We felt we could trust her and her opinion.
And my mum trusted her and chose accordingly to her recommendations.

This made me think of the online world.

I’m online everyday, on twitter and FB mostly, and if someone were to say something negative about a service/platform/venue I would take in consideration and probably don’t go there/buy the product/use that system..
I know I’m not on to something new here, peeps. So stop sighing and rolling your eyes..
But as I sat there it, yet again, convinced me that on- and offline are alike.

When communicating for yourself or for your brand all that needs to be taken into a count is who to connect with. Who will hear/see your story and to whom will it matter? Who will be impressed enough to actually share your story, or talk about it with their neighbour? And where is this taking place? Also when is the best time of the day, month year to tell your story?
All of this ofcourse depending on what your story is about.

Who, what, when, where, why – the big 5 ladies and gents as crucial as ever.

Like I said, nothing new here.
The only thing that’s changing is probably the – where.
Which platform is at best use for you/your brand? Is less actually more?

What is your story and who do you want to tell it too?

Oh, back to the food then…

Mum had a tuna pasta that was delicious and I had the salmon that was really fresh and good. We also shared the famous polenta chips which ofcourse was great too. A little bland but a nice substitute if you don’t fancy eating potatoes. Which is eaten a lot over here. In the form of chips. So if its really potatoes? I don’t know. They claim that it is ;)

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