Oldie but goodie – Online Newsrooms; how they save you time & money

5 ways online newsrooms will save time and money
Originally posted by Steve Momorella on June 25, 2012

So, this article was published in June of last year but still good to read and useful.
The headline itself gives you a hint of what is said in it. I still think you should take your time, make a cup of coffee (or beverage of choice) and have a sit down to read it. Think about how you or your company works with your comms today and if this is something you could need/want/use – Enjoy!

“75 percent of social media news consumers say they visit one after reading breaking news on Twitter or Facebook.”

“An online newsroom is an essential piece of your digital communications strategy. It can save your organization time and money and can help win positive coverage in the media, build excitement around a new product, and rank higher in searches.”

Don’t want to read the whole thing?

The five ways…
As an information management system – By using your online newsroom as an information management system, you can have all your company’s materials at your fingertips.

As an investor relations HQ for Web disclosure – At the very least, you can use your online newsroom to manage your archived IR content, including links to conference calls, earnings webcasts, executive biographies, and other financial disclosure and compliance content.

As a crisis communications center – By using an online newsroom to manage content before a crisis hits and to provide a headquarters for updates and other information, companies can deploy an effective communications strategy.
(My notes: An example I could give you is Oslo Airport when they ran out of petrol over christmas.)

As a product rollout/launch companion – Digital communications have blurred the lines between traditional media relations and marketing. To that end, online newsrooms are a great resource for showcasing a product launch, acting as a repository for photos, videos, product press kits, quotes, events and other rollout information.

As an SEO content engine – An abundance of search engine optimized content—with considerable cross-linking—can turn an online newsroom into an industry resource for journalists and for potential customers, partners, investors, and other constituents. Provide more content, not less.


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