Better late than never..

My Easter weekend
To have days off, like this, is great.
Don’t get me wrong now.. I love my work. But you know what I mean ;)

This post will be mostly for my friends and family back home.. A late update..

On Friday me and J started a new Easter tradition. We went to the Swedish place called Fika.
It was wonderful. J had some swedish meatballs. I had the burger. Delicious!
8 hours, 3 bottles of wine, food and coffee – We loved it, and are so going back.
If not for anything so next Easter. After that we got invited to a friends house for a little houseparty. It was in a warehouse conversion. Not yet finished, but in anyway awesome. Cant wait to see when it’s finished.

Saturday, as you can imagine, was a bit of a haze. We had a long breakfast and then I went and treated myself to a manicure. So worth it! And it does make you feel a bit better and the hangover suddenly became less painful.
C’s parents were here visiting so C invited me & J for dinner on the boat. It was really nice! And so nice meeting her parents, who of course are as lovely as C!
As the Friday was pretty intense I caved in at around midnight and went home.

Easter Sunday. Met a friend at Gatwick. He was broken. After a stag weekend in Barcelona I think anyone would be. We went to Camden to the Lock Tavern and had a drink. As a little surprise there was a live band playing. We saw a few songs then we went for a bite to eat at Foggs and after that we went home.

Easter Monday was exciting as I was going to view a room in a flat. And oh how I loved it!
The person who showed me the flat is really nice and the building is super nice. And secure. You have to have codes and magnetic keys to get in.
So mom and dad – no need to worry
Only a few hours after I went to see the room I emailed him and said I wanted it.
So now I have the contract and I move in at the end of April. Yay!
The flat is really central and I will be able to walk to and from work. Free exercise is always good.

On Monday evening me and J went to the boat to catch up with C and T. And then we walked to a restaurant really close called the Big Easy and met up with C’s parents.
It was delicious. If you ever have the chance to go there – do it!

I think that’s it for my Easter weekend.
Puss & kram!


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