So they say…

…I have been working three (3) years at Mynewsdesk.
In one way it feels like I’ve been working here forever. But not in that “Oh I’m so bored it seems like forever” forever. More in the way of “Oh, of course I am working at Mynewsdesk, where else would I be?”  kind of forever.

I remember my first day. No, actually it was my first Monday. And they served breakfast. What?! It was amazing and I remember thinking – Well, I can stay here forever!
And here I am. Three years later.
What have I done during these past three years? Oh my..What haven’t I been doing?

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Started out as a temp for S who was going to the states for 2 months. I helped the finance (then called Admin) team with anything from invoicing, booking trips for anyone who needed it, ordering new mobile phones, laptops etc.
Then got an offer to work in sales. And as curious and in need of trying new things I said YES!
Well. That didn’t really work out. I can not sell even if my life depend on it I think. Some people still argue with me, but let’s face it. I suck at selling (pardon my french ppl).

After a few chats with boss at the time I presented an idea of what I would like to work with. One of the things was Customer Service. Which then became reality. I started to sort some things out at that department, as it was in desperate need of sorting some things out. Later I started, together with my boss, to develop a new department.
That was probably the most fun I have had in years. I loved it!
Sad to say, the need for that being a department of it’s own was not yet as big as I had hoped. So, going back to Customer Services wasn’t really what I had hoped for. Therefor when the opportunity came I grabbed it quicker than anything – I moved to London.

And here I am in London, being celebrated by my lovely (did I say LOVELY?!) team:

Thank you all for these three years. I’ll keep singing – “And many moooooore”


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