Last week

As busy as last week was it sure made me think.
About a lot of things.

Thoughts the past week was evolving around music, twitter, facebook, blogging, Mynewsdesk, Social Media (in general), new people, ‘old’ people…

I whish it would be possible to make a tag cloud of my thoughts. Anyone know how to do it?
Let me know.

Two events in one week. Four days out of the office. Three days I got up at 5.30am. Most of the days I didn’t get to bed until 12pm.
Some of them even later than that.
No 14 out of 100 on Most influential people list on one of the events.
My best friend came over for the weekend.
Fun, cool, nice, interesting people to meet and get to know.

This week shall be all bout taking care of me. This week shall be a calmer week. This week…
But it is only Tuesday and I miss the events. I miss the venues. I miss the food. I miss the people that I met and I miss the great chats I had with those people.

I miss my best friend. She has to come back soon.


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