The Guardian Changing Media Summit 2013 – My thoughts

Here I am on the last day of the event and of the week.


Yesterday was the first of two days.
I got the impression that the attendees are enjoying themselfes.
The talks seems to be qualitative. At least to judge from the twitter feeds.
Again I use tweetchat to follow the #cms2013.
It is quite interesting to watch a thread of quotes about someone talking on stage when you are on the outside “looking in”.

Also, a moment of pride was when our CEO @Pingman took the stage and got big applause.
He’s talk was “From press release to Media House” and its about the changing media landscape and how big brands today act like their own media houses.

Sad to say I wasn’t able to actually see him other than on a big screen outside the conference rooms. But he looked good up on the stage with his red jacket.
Other attendees agreed with me. One of whom was @mediamurray (Jack Murray).

The group of people at The Guardian who has pulled this summit together are a super-hero-group of people. As they are only a group of five.
Five people has put this two day summit together. With all the speakers, all the attendees, all the exhibitors, the food, the dinner yesterday followed by drinks.
I am impressed.
Having a little experience of putting events together myself I know what a hassle it can be.
And what I have done would be nothing in comparison to this.
Impressed to say the least.
To add I am also very glad to have been a part of all of this as I have met truly great people and I hope that we will have further contact and reasons for collaborations in the future.

To compare the #cms2013 to the #smwf that I attended in the beginning of the week will be really hard.
The two are so different in a way.
#smwf was a smaller and more intimate event and also a bit more laid back overall.
#cms2013 is a lot bigger both in terms of number of attendees and the venue.
Both have excellent food.

I wrote a little bit about the two on the Mynewsdesk People blog.

A good way to end the week I would say, at the very least.

Have a happy weekend all!


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