Thoughts on the tube

So, another thing the man from Holland (that I mentioned yesterday) and I talked about was the eating habits of English people. And yes, this is me generalising.

At the first day of #smwf the food was flowing through the venue like nothing else. It was good, great even, but maybe not always the most healthy alternatives. Ok to be fair, there was a salad that was delicious! But later when they started to bring out dinner there was fried pastries. Kind of.
and a burger that was so good I have never had anything like it. But I’m not going to talk about that now..

Why I started to think about that now would be for two reasons.
1. I am starving and in need of breakfast.
in desperate need
2. The person on the seat next to me on the tube has, by the looks of the outfit, recently been working out. And what this person chose to eat are these small round little cheeses. You know, La Vache Querie but small, red and round.

That made me think.. Cheese after working out? Surely there must be more healthy alternatives to stuff your face with after a good workout?
Please, correct me if I am wrong. It would be LOVELY if cheese would be the way to go.
And yes, I have tried the LCHF thingy a while back. Not to loose weight though. But to try and fix my, what I now have been told is IBS, stomach. (Or belly, or.. What ever would be the more correct choice of word for the part of my body that contains my colons.) it worked for two months, then it went back to what is was before.
No, I will not discuss how “it” was like

With this said I am, with excitement, looking forward to the second and last day of the #smwf at the Brewery.


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