#smwf day 2 – my thoughts

The second and last day of the #smwf has now come to an end. I have now spent two days at the lovely Brewery. The venue was great. So was all the people working there. If you’re looking for a venue in London – get in touch with them. It is a truly great place :)

As I have now spent two days at the #smwf i will now scribble down my thoughts on it.

First of all I will have to be honest about the fact that I have followed thetalks via twitter (thanks to tweetchat). So I can not give any feedback on the actual presentations. Except for the one that Dom Burch from ASDA made yesterday. But that one I have already mentioned (read it here).
Not that he brought anything new to the table, really (sorry Dom, not being rude or nonchalant), but his energy and his way of taking the stage was refreshing and truly enjoyable. For sure. I know a lot of people at the event (and of course on twitter) agree with we. I would see him speak again, any day!

Speaking of Twitter. I have gotten 10 new followers from attending (and tweeting about) this event. To be followed always makes me happy. Not only because it is an affirmation/confirmation but more so that I am actually building some kind of relationship (you know what I mean) which I always love to do.

I was called a social butterfly today by one of my colleagues. At first I wasn’t really sure what that meant. But I just took it as a compliment.
As I always do with things being said to me that I don’t fully understand.

Back to Twitter, I have had some great chats with people I (sadly) still haven’t met IRL. But hope to do so in the future as the humour has been quite good as well.
loving it!

Back to my thoughts on the event.
I must say that these kinds of events are great for networking and getting new online and offline contacts.
As an event on social media, I must say that I heard (read on Twitter) that it was a bit outdated topics floating around. Like ‘Content is King’. Hasn’t that been a fact since… caveman?
thank you @jeremywaite for that lovely quote, mwoah!

Also, I would love, absolutely love, did I say LOVE, to have my mind blown.
I would love to hear or see something completely new for a change.
I know I might be a bit…nerdy… as this is my first event of this sort.. But still.
Is it too much to ask to have my mind completely blown?
Yes, some might say.. at times I might agree, but when it comes to something like social media I am actually expecting it.
Because being social is being in the now, and going to these kinds of events one might think that something mind blowing would be presented. No?
One might think that something new and exciting will be presented or talked about.
Maybe I missed it?
Ok. I’ll keep wanting more. Always. Give me more and I will be content. Give me something new and I’ll be clapping my hands like a sea lion, my eyes will shimmer as of a child’s at christmas (or my own on my birthday).. You get where I am going with this.

To end this, now very long, blog post I will have to say that I have truly enjoyed these two days.
I have had the opportunity to be social both on- and off line which is what gives me the actual energy to live.
Not in a weird psycho, stalky way.
I think I might actually be a social butterfly. I like it. I’ll own it.


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