#smwf day one

So I have attended my first #smwf event. (Social Media World Forum)

I really enjoyed it! It was a laid back atmosphere and I got the chance to listen to two of the speakers.

One of which was Dominic Burch from Asda. He had a great energy on stage and of course had some great things to say. Most of all I enjoyed he’s view on social pr.

He said that websites are dead and that content is king. It does not matter where you publish your content as long as it works to view on a mobile phone.
Which I totally agree with. As more and more people are using smart phones, searching for info on smart phones, being social on their smart phones etc..
So, as long as your platform/s (which ever it might be) are responsive (adapts to the device you are using) you are good to go.

I am glad that I got to see his talk. After hearing what people where talking about, and just having a quick look on twitter it seems as though he was the best one today.
way to go Dom!

A part from listening to Dominic Burch I got the chance to talk to some really nice people. One man from Holland shared my point of view – I am still wanting something to really blow my mind.
Not my intention to come across as rude or big headed or anything really.
But it would be kind of awesome.
wouldn’t it?

Maybe it is just the fact that most of the social media world is, when you think about it, nothing new. As we are a social animal, us humans :)
We need to socialise. It is just a different forum when it goes online. And also when being online you have a greater chance to find your forum. Your peers. Connecting with people you might not have met IRL (in real life).
Which is, if you ask me, brilliant.

That is it from me today. I am now signing out, going offline and going to sleep. And I am excited about day 2 at the #smwf

See you there maybe?


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