Satchels, wine and gossip

Been a busy bee.

On Monday I was reminded by a colleague of mine that we were supposed to go to this thing over at Googles office.
I know – super mega awesome and very, very cool.
Prior to this event I didn’t know what to expect. To be frank I was kind of not in the mood of going at all. But I am so glad I did.
For more than one reason.

One of the reasons – I met the lovely people from one of the Nordic Chambers of Commerce. The Chambers was the hosts of the event but at the Google offices. We had a good little chat. So nice to meet them.

The other reason was of course the free food.
Yes, this is a joke. Humour people. Humour.

The third, but definitely the warmest, kindest, most impressive, heart felt reason was Julie Deane.
Founder of The Cambridge Satchel Company.
I found her speech, if I can call it that, inspirational to the max. I sat next to my friend and colleague – H – with tears in my eyes and my heart was all warm and fuzzy.
Sounds a bit weird?
If you had been there you would agree with me.
Yes, you would.

Her story of how and why she started the company really made me think and most of all believe that anything and everything is possible.
In not so many words she started with a small budget of £600.
What?! Are you kidding me? – No i kid you not.
Why? Her daughter was bullied in school. She then wanted to raise enough money so her kids could start at another, far more better, school. Which she did. And they did.
Her humility and, I must add, sense of humour just got to me.

I have wanted one of those bags for a very long time. Long before I moved to the UK.
And there I was, only a few meters away from the woman who actually made them.

I wanted to walk up to her and say something.
What should I say? I need to figure out something clever. What would she say?
As I was standing there, trying to figure out something cool and clever to say I noticed that she was the center of attention. Everyone at the event wanted to talk to her. Everyone had figured out something clever to say.
At least they had in my mind.

So, I did the opposite. I turned around and walked away.
Oh what a clever idea Fia! 
Believe me. I will try to make contact with her. Because I would absolutely love to talk to her, hear her point of view of being a woman in the UK with her own company. The different kind of problems and struggles that comes with that – an independent business woman.

I would – of course – also love to hang out in the ‘Bloggers Lounge’ in the shop at Covent Garden.
But I guess I will have to wait until my follower count hit the hundred k mark. Or probably higher.

The sky is the limit people and I am building my aeroplane.

Thank you.

The gossiping and wine drinking was happening in the meantime 


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